danrl/skinny 75

The Skinny Distributed Lock Service

danrl/ratools 27

Router Advertisement Tools

danrl/wifi-probe 25

Display the SSID probes of nearby wireless devices. Useful in wireless security awareness projects.

danrl/golibby 11

A library of just-for-fun implementations of common data structures and algorithms.

danrl/danrlOS-MBR 4

A x86-bootloader for danrlOS using DiskAddressPackets for boot-media access.

danrl/lanyfs-utils 4

Lanyard Filesystem Utilities

danrl/lanyfs-linux 3

Linux kernel source tree

danrl/c3noc-ip2radio 2

IP to web radio converter of the CCC NOC. An audio-based connectivity monitor.

danrl/kroppzeug 2

Helps you to manage your server kindergarten!

danrl/awesome-sre 1

A curated list of awesome Site Reliability and Production Engineering resources.

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bugfixes and cleanup

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Dan Luedtke

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Improve visibility of workspace info on dark background

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issue commentopenwrt/luci

Wireguard UI should generate proper QR codes for each peer

I'm not sure if I would want a router to generate my cryptographic keys. That said, I don't object the idea and welcome PRs. I won't have time to look into this myself, though.


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