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thoughtworks/cruisecontrol.rb 624

CruiseControl for Ruby. Keep it simple.

thoughtworks/dashy 12

A Dashboard for managing app's services requests

thoughtworks/global_collect 12

A Ruby client to the Global Collect API.

thoughtworks/cruisecontrol.rb-contrib 11

Plugins of various kinds for CruiseControl.rb.

thoughtworks/billbo 8

Help an institution that helps other people. They got a lot of bills to pay and we got a lot of ideas to share.

thoughtworks/jetpets 4

Pong remake with pets on jetpacks. Jetpacks! Used as a tech demo / booth game for ThoughtWorks conferences.

thoughtworks/murmurs.air 4

A desktop client for Mingle murmurs

thoughtworks/common-ci-tasks 2

Common CI tasks for Ruby (Rails, Sinatra, Gem) projects