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Daniël danielboth @poshboth | Working at Optiver

danielboth/SkypeForBusinessClient 22

PowerShell module to chat from Skype for Business and manage user settings in the Skype for Business client

danielboth/ExpertsLive2016 5

Demo code Deliver PowerShell to your team

danielboth/PsMonitorFramework 4

A framework to monitor with PowerShell scripts in SCOM powered by a DSC configuration

danielboth/CaseOfTheUnexplainedPowerShellEdition2018 3

Code used in the Case of the Unexplained session at the PowerShell Conference Europe 2018

bielawb/2019 0

Code, Materials and Slides for 2019

danielboth/AutomateAutomatingYourAutomation2018 0

Code used in Automate Automating Your Automation session at PSConfEU 2018

danielboth/azure-quickstart-templates 0

Azure Quickstart Templates

danielboth/AzureTemplates 0

Azure Resource Manager templates