Damian Dennis damiandennis Developing Web Brisbane Queensland

damiandennis/yii2-scrollingblocks 7

A pInterest style wall with infinite scrolling.

damiandennis/yii2-knockout-list 1

A List Widget similar to ListView for yii2 but rendering done clientside using Knockoutjs.

damiandennis/auspostgen 0

Australia Post Barcode Generator

damiandennis/code128agen 0

Generates a Code128a barcode using PIL

damiandennis/code128bgen 0

Generates a Code128b barcode using Python/Pillow

damiandennis/code128cgen 0

Generates a Code128c Barcode using PIL

damiandennis/docker-minidlna 0

Minidlna image for docker

damiandennis/ng2-inline-js 0

Converts Angular templateUrls and styleUrls to their inline counterparts.

damiandennis/ng2-list-view 0

Simple list view for viewing large result sets.

damiandennis/ng2-select-view 0

Group of components to enhance the functionality of a select list. Influenced largely by the select2 project.