damag/burgaur 0

A delicious AUR helper. Made from cower.

damag/canopsis 0

Canopsis is an open-source hypervisor whose goal is to aggregate informations and events coming from multiple sources to create a global solution for monitoring and resources administration -- --

damag/Corange 0

Pure C Game Engine

damag/go-robinhood 0

A golang library for interacting with the Robinhood private API

damag/h2o 0

H2O - the optimized HTTP/1, HTTP/2 server

damag/hidetopbar 0

Gnome 3 extension to hide the top bar except in overview mode

damag/libdill 0

Structured concurrency in C

damag/lwan 0

Experimental, scalable, high performance HTTP server

damag/Robinhood 0

Unofficial Documentation of Robinhood Trade's Private API