Dylan Allbee dallbee @getoutreach Seattle, Washington Software Engineer

dallbee/RandomText 7

A cryptographically secure random text generator package for Sublime Text

Bytelog/Bytelog 4

The application running Bytelog

Bytelog/satchel 3

Monorepo for C data structures and tools

dallbee/A.L.F.R.E.D 2

Artificial Liaison For Rapid Education & Development. A bot program written in Python 3 for the purpose of teaching programming practices and the Python language.

dallbee/Advent-of-Code 2

Advent of Code

dallbee/dallbot 2

IRC Bot written in D with RFC 2812 message parsing

Bytelog/isogame 1

Isometric game collaboration written in Go with terrain generation.

dallbee/VOS-460 1

Virtual Operating System for CSE 460

dallbee/Bytelog 0

The application running Bytelog

dallbee/dweeb 0

A CMS created for my website in 2015


started time in 2 months