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czarneckid/hipchat-api 50

Ruby gem for interacting with HipChat API,

czarneckid/redis_pagination 33

Simple pagination for Redis lists and sorted sets.

barisbalic/gamertag 21

A gem for retrieving Xbox Live Gamertag information from the XboxLeaders API.

czarneckid/puma-benchmarking 17

Simple benchmarking to compare Unicorn and Puma

czarneckid/delicious-java 15

Java library for interacting with service

czarneckid/akismet-java 8

Automattic Kismet (Akismet for short) is a collaborative effort to make comment and trackback spam a non-issue and restore innocence to blogging, so you never have to worry about spam again. Akismet Java is an API for interacting with Akismet.

czarneckid/blojsom-sourceforge 7

blojsom is a full-featured, multi-user, multi-blog package written in Java. blojsom aims to retain simplicity in design while adding user flexibility in areas like back-end storage, flavors, templating, themes, and plugins.

czarneckid/streak-python 6

Streak is a library for calculating win/loss streaks

czarneckid/podium-ios 4

Podium iOS is the iOS component to a small iPhone + API Hack-A-Thon project. It uses RubyMotion, ProMotion, Formotion and BubbleWrap

czarneckid/contwinue 3

Twitter continued... (we break up a long tweet into smaller tweets for you)


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issue commentagoragames/java-leaderboard

Dead link in readme



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PR opened agoragames/java-leaderboard


Change link (dead link) to an archived link

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pull request commentagoragames/leaderboard-python

Add support for redis-py 3+

Rebased and resolved conflicts.


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created repositoryawestendorf/stormhamster

An archive of, by @crankweatherguy

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fork steved/buildkit

concurrent, cache-efficient, and Dockerfile-agnostic builder toolkit

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fork oliviaartz/node-webcam

Nodejs Cross Platform Webcam usage

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fork steved/csi-lib-utils

Common code for Kubernetes CSI sidecar containers (e.g. `external-attacher`, `external-provisioner`, etc.)

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fork steved/celerybeat-mongo

A Celery Beat Scheduler that uses MongoDB to store both schedule definitions and status information

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created repositoryoliviaartz/timelapse-calendar

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pull request commentagoragames/leaderboard

Fixes bug causing the rank of an unranked member to be 1

jFYI: I've updated the typo


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fork linkinpark342/charts

Buildkite Helm Charts repository

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PR opened agoragames/stache

Rails 6 change in arity for call

This change fixes a deprecation warning that I started see while upgrading my app to Rails 6

DEPRECATION WARNING: Single arity template handlers are deprecated. Template handlers must
now accept two parameters, the view object and the source for the view object.
  >>, source)
 (called from block in <top (required)> at /app/config/initializers/stache.rb:2)
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created repositoryoliviaartz/

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