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issue openedvalidator/validator

remove "manifest" attribute of "html" element


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issue openedvalidator/validator

Ignore specific files

Hi, nowhere in the doc I can find how to ignore a specific file:

I get many errors with my Google validation file:

googlebdb6f8bf41a883bb.html":1.1-1.52: error: Element "head" is missing a required instance of child element "title". googlebdb6f8bf41a883bb.html":1.1-1.52: error: Non-space characters found without seeing a doctype first. Expected "<!DOCTYPE html>". googlebdb6f8bf41a883bb.html":1.1-1.52: info warning: Consider adding a "lang" attribute to the "html" start tag to declare the language of this document.

Is it a new feature or not specified in doc ? Thanks a lot

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issue openedvalidator/validator

Level parameter does not work


I am taking parameters from:

I use parameters:

parser = 'html5'; showsource = 'yes'; filterpattern = '.lang.'; level = 'error';

But param level is not working. When i set this parameter, I get messages reporter with warning.

Thank you for your work!

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issue openedvalidator/validator

Problem verifying download

I downloaded the release and associated signatures and checksums from the github repository ( However I have two problems verifying the download:

  1. There is a gpg signature, but I can't find where the public key is, therefore I can't check it;

  2. The md5 and sha1 checksums are malformed according to the command output, e.g.

md5sum -c
md5sum: no properly formatted MD5 checksum lines
sha1sum -c
sha1sum: no properly formatted SHA1 checksum
lines found

Can you advise on where to obtain the GPG key, and if the above checksum behavior is normal, or am I making a mistake.

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created repositorymitsuhiko/wasm-example-please-ignore


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issue openedvalidator/validator

Update npm package

Could you push a new release to


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issue commentvalidator/validator

Unable to show outline

¿La página web que estaba validando es pública? Si es así, publicar la URL aquí sería de gran ayuda.

Yes, this is the URL


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issue openedvalidator/validator

Unable to show outline

I validated a web with All are ok, but i received a warning message, said that:

Unable to show outline. (Most likely due to a malformed HTTP response from the server hosting the document that was checked.)

By this way, I can't watch the Heading-level outline - that is necessary for me. Where can i looking for solved it?

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issue commentvalidator/validator

Enable filtering also on the file path prefix

Note that usually you get multiple error messages caused by a single error, e.g.:

"file:/home/test/invalid.html":230.42-230.50: error: Element “invalid” not allowed as child of element “p” in this context. (Suppressing further errors from this subtree.)
"file:/home/test/invalid.html":230.82-230.85: error: End tag “p” seen, but there were open elements.
"file:/home/test/invalid.html":230.42-230.50: error: Unclosed element “invalid”

And it's not much comfortable to filter out each single message.


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issue openedvalidator/validator

Enable filtering also on the file path prefix

Currently the filter pattern matches only the error message. It would be handy to match also in the path part to enable filtering based on the filename or even the specific line number.

/home/test/somepath/SomeFile.html:230.42-230.50: error: Element “invalid” not allowed as child of element “p” in this context. (Suppressing further errors from this subtree.)

It would nice to be allowed to use filter patterns like: .*SomeFile.html.* or even .*SomeFile.html:230.*.

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created repositoryLeastAuthority/tahoe-lafs-android-app

An Android app for interacting with Tahoe-LAFS-based storage

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issue closedvalidator/validator

Not accepting this format, format:

The W3 validator is not accepting this format, format:, and if we remove # from the format it will show an error link that this is not format. please write correct format.


Error: Bad value for attribute href on element a: Illegal character in fragment: # is not allowed.

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issue closedvalidator/validator

Missing </html> doesn't throw an error

When doing an upload/direct input no error is thrown if the </html> tag is missing. Example:


As most HTML is forgiving, this of course works. But best practice is to close all tags that are opened. This should throw an error/warning.

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issue openedvalidator/validator

проверка кода

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created repositorylihaoyi/mainarg

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issue commentvalidator/validator

Attribute aria-label

I am running into that too now:

«hi all! i'm trying to add an accessible asciiart <pre> section to (for future use here: ). I followed this: but get a warning :( »

Can/should this be fixed please? Thanks!


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issue commentvalidator/validator,output

What’s your question?


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fork kt97679/Little-Wire

Little Wire is multi-featured USB controlled open source hardware tool packed in a minimal form factor designed by ihsan Kehribar.

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