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Mark Sadecki cptvitamin World Wide Web Consortium Jamaica Plain, MA

cptvitamin/a11y-whack 5

Accessible game in HTML5 `<canvas>` including slide deck for Boston Accessibility Conference.

cptvitamin/a11y-moodle 1

YUI Scripts that improve the accessibility of your Moodle 2+ LMS

cptvitamin/demo-test-course 1

edX course designed to include all features and content types. Ideal for testing purposes.

cptvitamin/app-bp 0

An opinionated kickstarter for Linked Data Web Apps.

cptvitamin/Asqatasun 0

Opensource web site analyser, used for web accessibility "a11y" and search engine optimisation "SEO"

cptvitamin/cimba 0

Client-Integrated Micro-Blogging Architecture application

cptvitamin/csss 0

CSS-based SlideShow System

cptvitamin/diagnostic.css 0

Diagnostic.css is a stylesheet which allows the user to test for common errors in a page's markup