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Cody A. Ray codyaray @ConfluentInc Chicago, IL

codyaray/audio-steganography 8

Methods of audio steganography with emphasis on psychoacoustic approaches. Approaches to hiding a text-based message inside an audio signal with minimal or no distortion of the signal as perceived by the human ear.

codyaray/dtmf-signaling 8

A MATLAB program to encode and decode the dual-tone multiple-frequency (DTMF) signals used to dial a telephone.

codyaray/halftoning 2

An image printing program based on the concept of halftoning.

codyaray/annatunes 1

AnnaTunes helps Catholic musicians discover, track, and share musical pieces for Mass.

codyaray/att_phone_stats 1

AT&T Phone Analytics

codyaray/breakout 1

A clone of the classic arcade game Breakout in Greenfoot (Java)

codyaray/euler 1

codyaray/agathon 0

Automated Cassandra operations and management

codyaray/apiguide 0

API Design Guide

codyaray/asyncapi 0

The AsyncAPI specification allows you to create machine-readable definitions of your asynchronous APIs.

issue commentdikhan/terraform-provider-openapi

OpenAPI v3 support

Any updates on this? Trying to decide where we go from here. We're all invested in openapi 3.0 but want a dynamic provider such as this


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issue commentgoburrow/cache

Add context.Context propagation to LoadingCache

Any update on this? I'd love to pass the context through (where possible) since my underlying datastore is context-aware (e.g., handles context cancellation etc well)


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issue commentRedocly/redoc

Switch examples related to the oneOf selectors

Any idea on whether this will be committed in an upcoming release? 🤞

Still waiting on it :)


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issue commentRedocly/redoc

Unable to use x-ignoredHeaderParameters

I can't get it to work either. Has anyone else?

This doesn't even seem to implemented anywhere:


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issue openedmaxmind/geoipupdate

Recommended resources for running in k8s? (cpu, mem)

Hey - just a quick question. What resources do you recommend we use for running this in k8s production?

Obviously I can just watch the app and see, but figured I'd ask first. :)

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issue commentRedocly/redoc

Add x-immutable vendor extension

Still interested in this :)


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