cloutierjo/titleUrl 13

Firefox plugin that add the url in the title

savoirfairelinux/office-365-integration 5

Office365 integration for Liferay gives an out of the box access to use the msgraph-sdk from your own Liferay plugin. This includes the ability to let your user login to Microsoft with Auth0.

auf/cartographie 3

Cartographie des formations supérieures des établissements membres

auf/intranet 1

Refonte de l'intranet avec Liferay

cloutierjo/jforum3 1

JForum 3. This version is under heavy development, and a lot of stuff is not working yet

cloutierjo/beeerp 0

Mostly a data management framework based on plugin modules

cloutierjo/blue-star-project 0

Automatically exported from

cloutierjo/cherrytree 0


cloutierjo/curb-map 0

Web map for visualizing curb regulations and key stats. Uses CurbLR data spec.

cloutierjo/docker-liferay-6.2-jboss-postgresql 0

Docker image for Liferay v6.x bundeled with Jboss and PostgreSQL 9.3