Felipe Prenholato chronossc Freelancer / Remote Jobs / @loggi São Paulo, SP, Brazil

chronossc/django-breadcrumbs 104

Easy to use generic breadcrumbs system for Django framework.

chronossc/django-data-importer 14

Easily and expansible base for create your own fully customizable data importers.

chronossc/django-ldapdb 9

A clone of django-ldapdb ajusted to work with Active Directory

chronossc/dashline 5

Dashline is a time line application based in django and constructed for Django Dash 2010

chronossc/django-br-documents 3

Provide fields for objects of brazilian documents like RG, CPF, CNPJ

chronossc/django-cbv-utils 3

A bunch of utils used with class based views.

chronossc/django-grappelli-svn 3

Django-Grappelli is a jazzy skin for the Django Admin-Interface, This repo is one temporary SVN mirror until oficial one goes live

chronossc/django 2

My mirror of to compare with my changes, take a look at my branches to see what I'm doing.

chronossc/django-bootstrap-toolkit 2

Bootstrap support for Django projects

chronossc/django-object-config 2

Per Object Config, settings, options.