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chrisidefix/cronnix 2

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chrisidefix/android-locdump 1

android location service cache dumper

chrisidefix/AppleIcnsMaker 1

To Maker the OS X Apps icon from a square png image.

chrisidefix/3d-workspace 0

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chrisidefix/acd_cli 0

A command line interface and FUSE filesystem for Amazon Cloud Drive

chrisidefix/airplayer 0

:movie_camera: Command-line AirPlay video client for Apple TV

chrisidefix/Airplayer-python 0

Python script to make media playing software Apple Airplay compatbible. Currently supports XBMC, Plex and Boxee.

chrisidefix/airstream 0

A command line tool for streaming to airplay-devices

chrisidefix/appdirs 0

A small Python module for determining appropriate platform-specific dirs, e.g. a "user data dir".

chrisidefix/BeaconEmitter 0

Turn your Mac as an iBeacon


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created repositorydanielepanozzo/gp

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fork alecjacobson/QuadProgpp

A C++ library for Quadratic Programming which implements the Goldfarb-Idnani active-set dual method.

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created repositoryalecjacobson/libigl-issue-1656-hot-fix

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created repositoryalecjacobson/libigl-link-example

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