chrbala/parse-redux 19

Drop-in replacement for Parse with added Redux goodness!

chrbala/react-audio 17

HTML 5 Audio API in React

chrbala/react-resume-boilerplate 9

a way to jump start writing your resume and cover letter in HTML and CSS

chrbala/horizon-react-webpack-hmr-boilerplate 4

A semi-opinionated boilerplate for horizon-react and webpack, with hot module reloading

chrbala/lmdb-leveldown 2

leveldown compatible binding to LMDB

chrbala/apollo-tooling 0

✏️ Tooling for development and production Apollo workflows

chrbala/chrbala-rollup 0

My rollup config

chrbala/create-react-app 0

Create React apps with no build configuration.


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issue openedcometkim/gatsby-plugin-typegen

Global types with enum values

Because of the update to export only global types, enum values break. That is, because enum values pass through the types to the underlying Gatbsy compilation process, the Gatsby compilation process doesn't know how to handle the global types. Example below.

GraphQL definition

enum MyEnum {

This gets transformed to the following in gatsby-types.ts

enum MyEnum {

Typescript then allows the following usage:

const acceptMyEnum = (value: GatsbyTypes.MyEnum) => console.log(value);

But the actual Gatsby build fails because it can't find GatsbyTypes with an error of "GatsbyTypes" is not defined. Is it possible to emit both the global types and the older importable types? Otherwise, is there better solution to this?

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pull request commentapollographql/apollo-tooling

Skip directory symlinks in codegen, resolves #643

ping @trevor-scheer @zionts @hwillson this is the oldest PR in this repo - how do we move forward with releasing this?


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issue commentseek-oss/braid-design-system

Docs for CRA setup

For me at least, I was considering using the layout components alone, but I ended up using them as reference to make my own, as you say. Thanks for making these open source so I could look at them!


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issue openedjaredpalmer/tsdx

Fail compilation less aggressively in test watch

Current Behavior

If you're iterating on some code with a tests watch mode, the build will fail if there are issues like unused imports, unused variables, etc.

Desired Behavior

A way to ignore typescript errors in test watching mode

Suggested Solution

Add the --transpileOnly flag to test mode, which would disable the type checking and other TS enforced rules to tests in any mode.

Who does this impact? Who is this for?

There should be an option to make the test watch command more forgiving. It's a drag on productivity to have to comment out code that works but is just not used.

I can even see value in not failing builds/tests at all even for type errors. I personally at least have gotten used to a workflow of starting with making interfaces work correctly, then make sure the types work correctly internally. The compiler constantly failing slows me down, even though I will eventually will be creating and relying on correct types.

Describe alternatives you've considered

Automatically apply this in all test modes. This might be good too, depending on the team's designs.

Additional context

I'm coming from using Flow, where for the most part type checking was a separate process in the terminal and the types were only stripped from the source in the build process. The build would never fail due to the types, and I got pretty used to workflows based on this.

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