duvenaud/relax 151

Optimizing control variates for black-box gradient estimation

wgrathwohl/BackpropThroughTheVoidRL 37

RL Experiments from our paper "Backpropagation Through the Void": Lovingly forked from OpenAI's RL Baseline repo.

choidami/ppgn 1

Code for paper "Plug and Play Generative Networks"

choidami/abseil-cpp 0

Abseil Common Libraries (C++)

choidami/bigan 0

code for "Adversarial Feature Learning"

choidami/ 0

A beautiful, simple, clean, and responsive Jekyll theme for academics

choidami/CyLP 0

A Python interface to CLP, CBC, and CGL to solve LPs and MIPs.

choidami/diffdp 0

Differentiable Perturb-and-Parse operator