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Chip Turner chipturner Facebook, Inc. Seattle, WA

vasi/squashfuse 206

FUSE filesystem to mount squashfs archives

chipturner/bluetooth 31

Linux bluetooth playground

chipturner/gdb-python-mysql 7

GDB Pretty Printers for MySQL data structures

chipturner/MySQLdb1 7

MySQL database connector for Python (legacy version)

chipturner/webscalesql-5.6 3

Web Scale SQL, Version 5.6, based upon the MySQL-5.6 community releases.

chipturner/rtsp-timelapse-scripts 2

Some scripts I made for creating a timelapse from an RTSP stream

robin-norwood/cellar 2

HTML5/Javascript dungeon crawl game

chipturner/btrfs-snap 0

btrfs snapshots with rotation

chipturner/EternalTerminal 0

Re-Connectable secure remote shell

chipturner/lesspipe 0

lesspipe (formerly on sourceforge)