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Bahmni/bahmni-core 83

Core OpenMRS modules for Bahmni (including ERP & ELIS Atom Feed Clients)

Bahmni/bahmni-playbooks 10

Ansible playbooks for Bahmni (used for Bahmni deployments and Installer)

Bahmni/bahmni-vagrant 9

Management of Vagrant box using Packer. Out-Of-The-Box bahmni on CentOS 6.7

Bahmni/default-config 8

Default configuration setup for bahmni.

Bahmni/bahmni-offline 5

Repo to hold bahmni offline code. This will support Chromium app and Android app as of now.

Bahmni/bahmni-package 4

Repository of bahmni deployment and RPMs

Bahmni/bahmni-docker 3

Configuration required to build and run bahmni docker images

Bahmni/emr-functional-tests 3

emr functional tests

Bahmni/bahmni-connect 2

Front end for the Bahmni Connect, written in AngularJS

Bahmni/bahmni-docker-old 2

DEPRECATED - This repository contains the relevant docker configuration for setting up Bahmni