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Casper Lamboo casperlamboo Student Computing Science at the University of Utrecht

Doodle3D/clipper-js 65

Clipper Abstraction (simplified API)

casperlamboo/canvas-webworker 60

Pure JavaScript Canvas implimentation that can be used in WebWorkers

casperlamboo/potrace 10

A javascript port of Potrace

casperlamboo/plugin-worker 5

WebWorker plugin for SystemJS

casperlamboo/CanvasFilter 2

Canvas filters using imageData

casperlamboo/CAL 0

Canvas Abstraction Layer

casperlamboo/Fourier-Image-Scaler 0

Fourier Image Scaler for the course "Onderzoeks methode voor de Informatica"

casperlamboo/geometric-algos 0

Just some implementations of various Geometric Algorithms

casperlamboo/plugin-blob 0

Blob loader for SystemJS


started time in 2 months