Cary Haynie caryhaynie @Unity-Technologies Bellevue, WA

caryhaynie/jel.js 3

json expression language

caryhaynie/config.js 2

simple node.js configuration files ... made simple.

caryhaynie/Choices 1

A web app that will randomly choose an item from a list of previously added items (we use it for lunch selection)

caryhaynie/DeltaEngine 1

Cutest Android Game Engine Ever

caryhaynie/elm-electron 1

Test app combining the nifty-ness of Electron with the sweetness of Elm!

caryhaynie/flowtools.js 1

flow.js makes writing async api's fun.

caryhaynie/android-ndk-profiler 0

A library you can compile into your Android NDK code to generate gprof-compatible profile information.

caryhaynie/Boot2Rust 0

EFI applications in Rust

caryhaynie/DefinitelyTyped 0

The repository for high quality TypeScript type definitions.

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