Roger Caplan caplan The New York Times New York, NY

caplan/drone-gke 0

Drone plugin to deploy containers to Google Container Engine

caplan/drone-slack-blame 0

Drone plugin to send build status blames via Slack

caplan/dronekit-android 0

Android DroneKit implementation

caplan/finagle-prometheus 0

Provides a bridge between Finagle and Prometheus metrics

caplan/geeksville-androidlib 0

common geeksville lib functions

caplan/ios-360-videos 0

NYT360Video plays 360-degree video streamed from an AVPlayer on iOS.

caplan/javapoet 0

A Java API for generating .java source files.

caplan/Meshtastic-Android 0

Android companion application for the Meshtastic ski/hike/fly/Signal-chat GPS radio

caplan/Meshtastic-device 0

Device code for the Meshtastic ski/hike/fly/customizable open GPS radio