canarduck/bulma 0

Modern CSS framework based on Flexbox

canarduck/cspell-dicts 0

Various cspell dictionaries

canarduck/django-material 0

Material Design for django forms and admin

canarduck/django-picklefield 0

A pickled object field for Django

canarduck/django-versatileimagefield 0

A drop-in replacement for django's ImageField that provides a flexible, intuitive and easily-extensible interface for quickly creating new images from the one assigned to the field.

canarduck/docker-machine-driver-scaleway 0

:whale: Scaleway driver for Docker Machine

canarduck/docker-openldap 0

Image docker pour OpenLDAP (slapd)

canarduck/docker-sogo3 0

Image docker pour sogo

canarduck/dockgo 0

Image docker pour CI de projets django en python 3

canarduck/docksticsearch 0

Elasticsearch 2.x docker image with attachements plugin