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Philip Nuzhnyi callmephilip The Bakery Lisbon, Portugal

callmephilip/chatzilla 76

A step by step tutorial to create a simple realtime chat running on Heroku

callmephilip/django-heroku-bootstrap 61

Get your Django app running on Heroku in less than 5 minutes

callmephilip/backbone-tyler 10

Composite views with backbone and handlebars.js

callmephilip/django-tastypie 1

Creating delicious APIs for Django apps since 2010. v1.0.0-beta

callmephilip/animate.css 0

Cross-browser CSS3 animations. Plug and play. Do a little dance.

callmephilip/AudioRecorder 0

Simple live audio file recorder, based on RecorderJS

callmephilip/awesome-react-native 0

An "awesome" type curated list of React Native components, news, tools, and learning material

callmephilip/bacon.js 0

FRP (functional reactive programming) library for Javascript

callmephilip/blog 0

A simple and clean responsive Jekyll theme for words and photos.


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