cByst/forcehdforyoutube 5

Google Chrome Extension that forces all videos that support HD to default to hd when viewed in chrome.

cByst/100-days-of-code 0

Fork this template for the 100 days journal - to keep yourself accountable

cByst/athens 0

A Go module datastore and proxy

cByst/create-node-app 0

All the boilerplate for a basic node app

cByst/CrostiniAutomatedSetup 0

Repo to house automated ansible setup of Crostini default container

cByst/deno 0

A secure TypeScript runtime on V8

cByst/fider 0

Open platform to collect and prioritize product feedback

cByst/GaiaExplorer 0

Gui based file explorer for the blockstack gaia file storage system.

cByst/generator 0

Express' application generator