bwees/Planr-Web 1

Planr is a time management coaching tool that is designed for use in education.

bwees/carero 0

Self-driving agent built on Python, OpenCV, and Keras

bwees/DigiSpark-Scripts 0

USB Rubber Ducky type scripts written for the DigiSpark.

bwees/Freecut 0

Free cutting firmware replacement for cricut hardware

bwees/MakeItRobotics-Starter-Kit-MultiSerial 0

Updated files for Make It Robotics Kit for USB serial communication with shield active

bwees/pi-lightorgan 0

Automatically exported from

bwees/python-quickbooks-com 0

A python3 application to talk to QuickBooks POS 2008 through its COM API

bwees/Raspberry-Pi-Photobooth 0

A Photo Booth made from a Raspberry Pi!