Brandy Sandrowicz bsandrow @d1g1tinc Toronto, Canada

bsandrow/bttools 2

Library + Tools for torrent files and magnet uris

bsandrow/dotfiles 2

My dotfiles

bsandrow/bunny1 1

bunny1 is a tool that lets you write smart bookmarks in python and then share them across all your browsers and with a group of people or the whole world. It was developed at Facebook and is widely used there.

bsandrow/conf-vim 1

My vim config

bsandrow/config.tmux 1

My tmux configuration

bsandrow/emacs-config 1

My .emacs.d directory

bsandrow/google-group-join 1

Join a Google Group

bsandrow/2013-web 0

a Django project for conference websites

bsandrow/2016-web 0

PyCon Canada 2016 web site.

bsandrow/alfred-iterm-profiles-workflow 0

An Alfred 3 workflow to easily search and open iTerm profiles