Brian Rosner brosner Reddit, Inc. Denver, CO Senior Software Engineer / Infrastructure

alex/django-ajax-validation 254

A reusable application to preform ajax validation on django forms.

alex/pyvcs 123

A pure python abstraction layer of multiple VCS, very lightweight.

brosner/bosnobot 88

A purely Python implemented IRC bot framework.

brosner/django-announcements 58

A site-wide announcement reusable app for Django.

brosner/django-bookmarks 53

bookmark management for the Django web framework

brosner/django-app-test-runner 26

Tools for running Django app tests standalone

brosner/articles 14

Articles by Brian Rosner

brosner/birdie 9

this is going to be awesome

brosner/django-email-confirmation 9

simple email confirmation for the Django web framework