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mtu-most/franklin 45

3D printer controlling software

brhubbar/franklin 0

3D printer controlling software

brhubbar/log_parser 0

Python class for efficiently and robustly reading data from a text file. Specifically targets PuTTY serial output from devices such as Arduino-powered instruments

brhubbar/meshing-gears-OpenSCAD 0

OpenSCAD libraries for generating compatible spur, helical, and herringbone gears.

brhubbar/OS_Nano_Balance 0

Firmware and design files for an open source digital balance with 3D printable components.

brhubbar/Screw-Boss-OpenSCAD 0

OpenSCAD library for creating screw bosses in 3D printed parts, optimized for zero support designs.

brhubbar/Stream-Deck 0

Remix of MisteR_ofcl's MisteRdeck,

issue openedjohnpapa/vscode-peacock

Element Adjustments adjust granular colors

I would like my active selection on the activity bar to be more distinct. I can do this by darkening the activityBar.activeBackground relative to activityBar.Background. However, Peacock won't do this automatically, nor does it save the modification I make.

Current Behavior:

Peacock's Behavior

Desired Behavior:

My desired behavior

Describe the solution you'd like

I would like to be able to control this for sub elements of the activityBar, statusBar, and titleBar, in the already existing manner - something like:

Desired settings approach

created time in 3 months