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(old) My web resume. Baby's first CSS

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Coding Challenge Examples

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Interactive, thoroughly customizable maps in the browser, powered by vector tiles and WebGL

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A simplified calculator based on the savings priorities flowchart from /r/PersonalFinance

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useSingleton() hook source can not be passed to nested Tippy elements

That seems plausible, I did notice the effects were firing before the child singleton had mounted.


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useSingleton() hook source can not be passed to nested Tippy elements

I am working on a tippy popper which contains nested Singleton poppers, like this:

Kapture 2020-06-16 at 16 30 22

Working example:

This is only possible if you extract the outer tippy's content to a separate component, and call the hook inside of it.

If you use the hook at the parent level and pass the source object down to the elements in content (whether inline or via props) there is a console error: error: @tippyjs/react: The `source` variable from `useSingleton()` has not been passed to a <Tippy /> component.

Broken example:

This unfortunately means I can not compose reuseable popper elements, like this:

// my end goal
const ToolPalette = () => (
  <ReuseablePalettePopper target={<button>choose a tool, hover to learn more</button>}>
    <PaletteButton label="Paint Brush" popperContent="paintbrush.gif" />
    <PaletteButton label="Line Tool" popperContent="linetool.gif" />
    <PaletteButton label="Eraser" popperContent="eraser.gif" />

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Typescript compilation error: Argument of type 'Express' is not assignable [..]

Likewise since updating to the latest version of firebase-functions. I was previously on 3.3.0.


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