Barbara Perlik bperlik Northern Virginia Software Developer, Data Analyst, Researcher, Motorcyclist and Hiker.

bperlik/whodat 1

a simple authentication gem built on a rails engine using bcrypt.

bperlik/address-book 0

A slothified version of address-bloc

bperlik/AddressBloc 0

Address book with interactive menu, entries, import, and search methods.

bperlik/bloc-chat 0

a chat room project using AngularJS and Firebase

bperlik/bloc-jams 0

Bloc HTML CSS Foundations

bperlik/blocipedia 0

A social, markdown wiki app that lets users create their own wikis and share them publicly or privately with other collaborators

bperlik/blocitoff 0

A to do list that deletes any to do item after seven days pass.

bperlik/blocmarks1 0

App to share URLs

bperlik/blogger 0

A very simple blog app built on Rails, useful for testing rails gems and engines.