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bordalix/yamup 8

Yet Another Meteor UP

bordalix/ethereum-roulette 2

A PoC of a casino roulette implemented in a smart contract

bordalix/awesome-meteor 0

A curated, community driven list of awesome Meteor packages, libraries, resources and shiny things

bordalix/bitcoinUptime 0

A website that continuously calculates bitcoin uptime statistics

bordalix/bitcoin_history 0

Some links about the history of Bitcoin.

bordalix/BlueWallet 0

Bitcoin thin client for iOS & Android. Built with React Native

bordalix/bypass-paywalls-chrome 0

Bypass Paywalls for Chrome

bordalix/corseverywhere 0

A cloudflare worker for cors everywhere


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issue openedbordalix/ethereum-roulette

An idea

Not a bug or issue, but with a little bit of a code update, the contract control could be done via an oracle, and the oracle gas would come from the Table house.

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fork promag/

Support bitcoin developers so they can focus on building our future.

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