bluk/CRDT 3

Convergent and Commutative Replicated Data Types implementation in Swift

bluk/DHT 1

A BitTorrent distributed hash table implementation in Swift

bluk/advent_of_code 0

Advent of Code solutions

bluk/ansible-monorepo 0

👑 A repo that has all my Ansible related repositories as submodules.

bluk/ansible-nomad 0

:watch: Ansible role for Nomad

bluk/ansible-role-1password-cli 0

An Ansible role to install the 1Password CLI tool.

bluk/ansible-role-git-clone 0

An Ansible role to clone git repositories.

bluk/ansible-role-goenv 0

An Ansible role to install goenv.

bluk/ansible-role-grpc-swift 0

An Ansible role to install the grpc-swift plugins.

bluk/ansible-role-hashicorp 0

An Ansible role to install HashiCorp tools.

fork kharrison/Black-Friday-Deals

Black Friday Deals for macOS / iOS Software & Books

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fork alexcrichton/wat-numeric-values

Proposal to add numeric values to data segment definitions in the text format

fork in 5 days

fork ColinEberhardt/fastly-template-rust-default

Default package template for Rust based Compute@Edge projects

fork in 5 days

created repositoryColinEberhardt/ffmpeg-wasm-streaming-video-player

An example of using FFmpeg.wasm to perform streaming transcoding within the browser

created time in 5 days

fork cliss/SwiftBar

Powerful macOS menu bar customization tool.

fork in 6 days

fork gillesdemey/btmetainfo

Common BitTorrent data structures.

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fork stedman/faker.js

generate massive amounts of realistic fake data in Node.js and the browser

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fork wycats/git-mob-vs-code

VS Code extension to add multiple co-authors to commits, managed all from the source control tab

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fork rylev/configparser-rs

A simple configuration parsing utility with no dependencies built on Rust.

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created repositorywycats/rust-experiments

created time in 17 days

fork alexcrichton/rfcs-2

RFC process for Bytecode Alliance projects

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created repositorykelseyhightower/cmd-tutorial

created time in 18 days

fork rylev/this-week-in-rust

Data for

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fork rylev/rustc-dev-guide

A guide to how rustc works and how to contribute to it.

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fork rylev/rust-forge

Information useful to people contributing to Rust

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fork rhamzeh/terraform-cloudflare-fastmail-dns

Unofficial Terraform module to create Cloudflare records for setting up FastMail.

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fork alexcrichton/lucet

Lucet, the Sandboxing WebAssembly Compiler.

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created repositorykelseyhightower/terraform-kcc-demo

Terraform KCC Demo

created time in 24 days

fork otoolec/Antecedent-Precipitation-Tool

Created to automate the climatological analysis workflows USACE Regulatory Project Managers are required to perform to comply with long-standing agency guidance as well as the new Navigable Waters Protection Rule, effective June 22, 2020..

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