bkoropoff/makekit 15

MakeKit build system

bkoropoff/rust-monadic-do 5

Haskell-like monadic do notation macro for Rust

bkoropoff/moonunit 4

C/C++ Unit Test Framework

bkoropoff/rust-jlens 4

Simple JSON query DSL for Rust

bkoropoff/monotonic 3

Monotonic Data Structures for Rust

bkoropoff/rust-stim 3

Prototype STM library for Rust

bkoropoff/alacritty 0

A cross-platform, GPU-accelerated terminal emulator

bkoropoff/beetle-psx-libretro 0

Standalone port/fork of Mednafen PSX to the Libretro API.

bkoropoff/cargo 0

The Rust package manager

bkoropoff/coc-lists 0

Common lists for coc.nvim

issue openedneoclide/coc.nvim

coc list overrides my statusline without permission

Since commit 57e2574fe011e349679ba7391928d19443653949, opening a coc list overrides the statusline from my configuration. There is no option to turn off this behavior or customize the statusline coc injects.

created time in 15 days