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react-dnd/react-dnd 14809

Drag and Drop for React

react-dnd/dnd-core 212

Drag and drop sans the GUI [Legacy Repo]

react-dnd/react-dnd-html5-backend 132

HTML5 backend for React DnD [Legacy Repo]

kensho-technologies/orama 126

Plug and play React charts

bahmutov/csrf-login 17

Login from command line to the websites that use CSRF protection

kensho-technologies/eslint-config 5

Shared ESLint config

billyjanitsch/mew 2

:cat2: music client/server

kensho-technologies/babel-preset 2

Babel preset to transpile ES2020, TS(X), and language proposals

kensho/stylelint-config-kensho 1

Standard Kensho Stylelint config

PR opened kensho-technologies/eslint-config

Add const case restriction for non-functions
  • Limit const to UPPER_CASE and camelCase for number,bool,string,array types
  • Allow functions to be PascalCase for react components
  • Adds tsconfig/parserOptions to get this rule to work

Should we create a mechanism to disable this? Maybe an ENV switch?

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