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Billimarie Lubiano Robinson billimarie Los Angeles, CA no ✨

billimarie/prosecutor-database 69

An open-source, community oversight dataset of all U.S. Prosecutors. Happy Hacktoberfest 🎃

billimarie/simple-react-tailwind-tutorial 7

Create a simple, multi-page website that watches your CSS changes & refreshes your app, accordingly.

billimarie/coding-club 3

Teaching students how to code.

billimarie/phillytechweek 1

A repository for slides and speaker notes for my Philly Tech Week 2018 talk: "Utilizing Social Justice Best Practices in Developer Spaces"

billimarie/pipedreamtactics 1

lightweight web app to collect people's pipe dreams

billimarie/spot-the-docs 1

Spot the Docs is a Lightweight Laravel/Heroku web app that finds open-source projects in need of Documentation contributions. The app uses GitHub's API to cycle through recent Documentation issues.

billimarie/100-days-of-code 0

100 Days of Code.

billimarie/billimarie 0

GitHub profile

billimarie/ 0

Just a repository for GitHub Pages.

billimarie/bubblly 0 is a tactical RPG which makes managing your Personal Finances fun.


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issue openedfreeCodeCamp/freeCodeCamp

[BUG] Throws error when using `background-image` instead of `background` (Learn Applied Visual Design - Add Background Image)

Affected page Learn Applied Visual Design: Create Texture by Adding a Subtle Pattern as a Background Image

Your code Copy and paste the code from the editor that you used in between the back-ticks below:

  body {
    background-image: url('');

Expected behavior Both background and background-image should be accepted as correct answers.

System (please complete the following information):

  • Device: Laptop / Tablet
  • OS: Both iOS and Windows 10
  • Browser: Firefox

Additional context Reporting this as the ability to accept multiple right answers was apparent with the margin and padding lessons (example: accepted both clockwise notation and -top, -right, -bottom, -left declarations). The same should be done with a background vs background-image issue.

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push eventbillimarie/front-end-guide

Nathan Lambert

commit sha 604ed55f3227ed772c08e6e9df342d250964c928

Update front end interview question link (#168)

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Jim Carroll

commit sha 0ec5f66e4117cb8951e5daa5d3ead35569faf7da

Update (#167) Added a link for learning ES6 syntax on Codecademy

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commit sha a9d942c5dcc59ce23a908cee3c2bf187339c300a

Add XO code style to alternatives (#169) * Update StandardJS link * Add XO to alternatives

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Zhu Liang

commit sha 89323b691f44fc408791c280338a8b76f9516258

a bunch of updates, add sentry and monitoring

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Zhu Liang

commit sha 71dc744b74009cc40254cc2b6fdf509355effaf0

fix table of contents

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Zhu Liang

commit sha cbfc3a2a7fc0ddea527c6531dc191afcfcf45554


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Zhu Liang

commit sha 1c42022b3cae66c44249639307a01a06ecea75f4

Merge pull request #172 from grab/some-updates Some updates

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