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bharatak/bahmni-lite 3

A lighter version of Bahmni EMR as a Docker Image.

bharatak/AngularJS-Jasmine-Karma 0

Basics of using jasmine as a testing framework to test angular apps with karma/grunt

bharatak/bahmni-core 0

Core OpenMRS modules for Bahmni (including ERP & ELIS Atom Feed Clients)

bharatak/bahmni-docker 0

docker containers for bahmni

bharatak/bahmni-gauge 0

Bahmni Automation Test Suite using Gauge Framework

bharatak/bahmni-idea-plugin 0

Prototype of intellij plugin for Bahmni

bharatak/bahmni-package 0

Repository of bahmni deployment and RPMs

bharatak/ 0

Build a Jekyll blog in minutes, without touching the command line.