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Bernard Lin

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Organizing nodeschool events in New York, NY!

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Mentor registration July 9th

I'll be there!


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Focused Sessions?

Hey @fhinkel @bnb @johnelliott!

Joe and I were talking more about using Galvanize as a space and I reached out to them since they acquired the bootcamp that many of the mentors and I attended. Seems like they'll just let us have the space for our July meetup but they want to go over more details in a call. These are the times they gave me:

  1. tomorrow before 11 am
  2. tomorrow 11:30am-2:30pm
  3. Friday 1pm-2:30pm

Would one of you want to hop on the call as well? Joe's currently busy with his new house and I realize at least one of you might be in Colombia at the moment. Happy to handle it on my own too, if there are any parameters you think I'd need to be aware of (dates?)


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Mentor registration May 7th

Just to double check, is this still on for tomorrow?


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