Ben Zhang benzyx Hudson River Trading UWaterloo CS '20.

benzyx/DomRL 13

DomRL is a simulation environment for the card game Dominion, created by Donald X Vaccarino, meant to simplify the development and testing of various AI strategies, specifically Reinforcement Learning algorithms.

benzyx/dsc-interview 3

Interview template for my data science and ML interviews. Nobody scout me!

benzyx/omega-ruby-battlecode 1

Team Waterloo Omega Ruby's submission for MIT Battlecode 2017. This is the 2nd place finisher (out of over 1000+) for MIT Battlecode 2017. Made by Jacob Jackson (@zxqfl), Jeffrey Xiao (@jeffrey-xiao), and Ben Zhang (@benzyx).

benzyx/AquaHash 0

Fast Hash Functions Using AES Intrinsics

benzyx/battlecode20 0

Battlecode 2020 🍜

benzyx/bc20-waterloo 0

Waterloo Sword in MIT Battlecode 2020. Finished 5th-6th in the International Qualifying tournament (defeated 2-3 in an epic best of 5 series where multiple games were decided by one unit). Developed by Tristan Monger (@tristan-temp) and Ben Zhang (@benzyx).

benzyx/blog 0

Blog for personal website.

benzyx/BubblEscape 0

Adaptation on Peter Li's BubblEscape

benzyx/caffe2 0

Caffe2 is a lightweight, modular, and scalable deep learning framework.

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