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import/extensions ignores extension overrides if ignorePackages is set in object options hot 2
no-unresolved peerDependencies option hot 1
Enhancement: Monorepos and no-extraneous-dependencies hot 1
import/no-cycle should not trigger for Flow imports hot 1
Alias definition in Babel module resolver causes no-relative-parent-imports since v2.15.0 hot 1
[import/no-unresolved] not working for index.js hot 1
`prefer-default-export` fails on Typescript type declaration hot 1
[Regression] eslint-module-utils@2.3.0 causes invalid "Resolve error: webpack with invalid interface loaded as resolver" hot 1
Local imports using webpack aliases are being incorrectly identified as separate groups hot 1
eslint(import/no-extraneous-dependencies) for @expo/vector-icons imports hot 1
eslint(import/no-extraneous-dependencies) for @expo/vector-icons imports hot 1
import/no-unused-modules crashes linter hot 1
import/named: wildcard export not working? hot 1
import/named requires 'typescript-eslint-parser' hot 1
no-extraneous-dependencies doesn't support nested package.json hot 1

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