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bastiRe/eLadder 8

eLadder is an app to create leagues for Fifa, foosball or similar games. Games can be tracked and players are rated by a custom ELO-system, showing you who's really the best (and that's what it's all about, isn't it?).

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bastiRe's dotfiles

agrando-de/agr-hellofarm-frontend 0

A small vue project for pair programming in technical interviews

bastiRe/ansible-role-elasticsearch 0

Ansible Role - Elasticsearch

bastiRe/blazer 0

Open source business intelligence

bastiRe/cordova-plugin-geofence 0

Geofencing plugin for cordova

bastiRe/cordova-plugin-local-notifications 0

Cordova Local-Notification Plugin

bastiRe/eladderSite 0

Site for the eLadder app

issue commentstorybookjs/storybook

Storyshots is leaking memory

We had the same problem and fixed it for us by separating our storyshots by folder into different testsuites. We accomplished this by creating separate Storyshot files and using the storyKindRegex to only snapshot a specific subset of stories in each file.


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