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bastiRe/eLadder 8

eLadder is an app to create leagues for Fifa, foosball or similar games. Games can be tracked and players are rated by a custom ELO-system, showing you who's really the best (and that's what it's all about, isn't it?).

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bastiRe's dotfiles

agrando-de/agr-hellofarm-frontend 0

A small vue project for pair programming in technical interviews

bastiRe/ansible-role-elasticsearch 0

Ansible Role - Elasticsearch

bastiRe/blazer 0

Open source business intelligence

bastiRe/cordova-plugin-geofence 0

Geofencing plugin for cordova

bastiRe/cordova-plugin-local-notifications 0

Cordova Local-Notification Plugin

bastiRe/eladderSite 0

Site for the eLadder app