basteln3rk/save-import-image-from-url 4

Wordpress plugin that allows you save an image from a remote URL to the WordPress media gallery, create local thumbnails and rename image.

basteln3rk/bs3-navbar-collapse-without-javascript 2

How to make bootstrap 3 mobile navbar collapse expand without requiring JavaScript - CSS only solution!

basteln3rk/app 0

Sofa sample app

basteln3rk/bootstrap 0

The missing components for your favorite front-end framework.

basteln3rk/Bootstrap-3-blank-wordpress-theme 0

Bootstrap 3 wordpress framework theme

basteln3rk/Disable-Users 0

WordPress plugin that provides the ability to disable specific user accounts.

basteln3rk/grunt-html-validation 0

W3C html validaton grunt plugin. Validate all files in a directory automatically.

basteln3rk/jjv 0

Javascript Library for Schema Validation