barosl/homu 652

A bot that integrates with GitHub and your favorite continuous integration service

barosl/baroslized-settings 6

Configuration files, mostly for Linux, used by Barosl.

barosl/flickr-music-player 5

A music player with Flickr backend.

barosl/baroslized-scripts 3

Simple yet useful scripts written in Python.

barosl/course-wish-list 2

A simple script that retrieves the "wish list" of the course registration.

barosl/inkulator 2

A simple computer architecture written in Verilog, based on Altera DE2-70.

barosl/a-star 1

A* search algorithm used to find a path between points.

barosl/a1tv-betting 1

Sports betting service for A1 Broadcasting.

barosl/ana-hier-proc 1

Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) implementation in Python.

barosl/ 1

Backup script based on rsync, preparing for disk failures.