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Tymur Baksheyev bak-t Ukraine, Kharkiv

bak-t/AutoMapper.Collection 0

AutoMapper support for updating existing collections by equivalency

bak-t/CosmosDB 0

PowerShell Module for working with Azure Cosmos DB databases, collections, documents, attachments, offers, users, permissions, triggers, stored procedures and user defined functions.

bak-t/Humanizer 0

A small framework that helps .Net developer turn their otherwise geeky strings, type names, enum fields, date fields into a human friendly format

bak-t/Inflector 0

Tests for Inflector .NET

bak-t/ko-bindings 0

knockout binding extension

bak-t/MigSharp 0

Mig# (MigSharp) is a .NET framework for database migrations and versioning

bak-t/mvc.jquery.datatables 0

ASP MVC Helpers for connecting IQueryables with the amazing Jquery DataTables plugin

bak-t/RoslynPad 0

A cross-platform C# editor based on Roslyn and AvalonEdit

bak-t/smartconf 0

Smart Configuration Management for C#