Brandon Alexander baalexander Iron Ox San Francisco, CA

baalexander/node-xmlrpc 275

A pure JavaScript XML-RPC client and server for Node.js.

baalexander/node-portscanner 268

An asynchronous port scanner for Node.js.

baalexander/rosnodejs 37

A ROS client library using node.js

baalexander/ObjectiveLibxml2 18

An extremely efficient, streaming XML parser using an Objective-C wrapper over libxml2.

baalexander/Mother-May-UI 17

BDD testing framework for iOS UI Automation.

baalexander/Video-Streamer-app 16

UPnP media server app for the iPhone and iPad to stream videos to the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360

baalexander/rosjs 15

DEPRECATED: Please use

baalexander/Find-an-Apartment 7

Home Finder and Find an Apartment real estate iPhone apps

baalexander/roscon2013-examples 5

Examples from my ROSCon 2013 talk on Robot Web Tools.

baalexander/Geography-Importer 4

Parses US census data and imports state and city relationships into a Core Data SQLite file.