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b1naryth1ef/bowser 35

a smart, friendly, secure, and auditable ssh daemon

b1naryth1ef/agora 19

sometimes people get bored and build dumb shit for dumb reasons 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

b1naryth1ef/abode 18

abode is a self-hosted home server which aggregates your discord data in a discoverable format

b1naryth1ef/bard 14

Bard is a lightweight PVR for downloading, extracting and processing TV shows from torrents

b1naryth1ef/b1nb0t 9

My personal Discord bot with support for a variety of entirely useless features

b1naryth1ef/Checkin 6

An open source tool for a better system of checking and managing checkin stats.

b1naryth1ef/chunkymonkey 4

Minecraft Beta multiplayer server

b1naryth1ef/csgofort 4

A CSGO portal for trading, betting, analytics, and more!

b1naryth1ef/Boteh 3

My ircbot built off of my irc library, JAPIL

b1naryth1ef/BroCraft 3

Bro's don't let bro's use Java.


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fork abid-mujtaba/Vim

:star: Vim for Visual Studio Code

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created repositoryjedisct1/zig-aes-ocb

AES-OCB (CAESAR finalist) implementation for Zig.

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created repositoryFoxboron/poke-init

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fork brettp/guiscrcpy

A full fledged GUI integration for the most award winning open-source android screen mirroring system -- scrcpy located on by @rom1v

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fork homakov/learning-solidity

The companion to the Youtube tutorials

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fork mitsuhiko/envdir-plusplus

kinda like envdir, kinda like dotenv, kinda like docker env-file

fork in 2 days

fork mitsuhiko/s3autoindex

autoindex for private s3 buckets

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fork extrawurst/reqwest

An easy and powerful Rust HTTP Client

fork in 3 days

fork extrawurst/siwa

Sign In With Apple JWT validator Rust library

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created repositoryjedisct1/rust-rsa-blind-signatures

RSA blind signatures in Rust

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created repositorymitsuhiko/similar-asserts

Provides assert_eq! like macros with colorized diff output

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