b-straub Germany I enjoy programming for over 40 years. For a few years as a sideline now just for fun.

b-straub/BlazorSourceGeneratorTests 2

A test project for exploring the new Roslyn SourceGenerator feature

b-straub/bibwiki 0

BibTeX Generator for Wikipedia

b-straub/BlazorReactiveUI 0

Demonstrates memory leak issue with ReactiveUI + Blazor WASM

b-straub/daikin-controller 0

Control Daikin Air Conditioner devices using nodejs

b-straub/FM-Index 0

FM-Index full-text index implementation using RRR Wavelet trees (libcds) and fast suffix sorting (libdivsufsort) including experimental results.

b-straub/Grid.Blazor 0

Grid component with CRUD for Blazor (client-side and server-side) and ASP.NET Core MVC

b-straub/homebridge 0

HomeKit support for the impatient

b-straub/HTMLKit 0

A lightning fast, type-safe HTML templating library built for Swift