Atul Gupta atulgupta002 @Accenture Gurugram Interested in full stack programming and automation; cyber security and privacy advocate.

atulgupta002/Churn-emails 0

Python based code to read and fetch information from an mbox file

atulgupta002/PowerShell 0

Code repository holding various functions I wrote for PowerShell 3.0 and above

atulgupta002/Python-practice 0

Python Code repository

atulgupta002/requests 0

Python HTTP Requests for Humans™ ✨🍰✨

atulgupta002/searx 0

Privacy-respecting metasearch engine

atulgupta002/SmartCal 0

Python based, free to use calculator software capable of performing operations on any length of numbers.

atulgupta002/Text-file-to-handwritten-pdf-file 0

Converts a text file to a handwritten pdf file.

issue openedsharanya02/Text-file-to-handwritten-pdf-file

Runtime error on executing the script


I'm getting the above error when I run the script. I've followed all the steps and resolved all the dependencies. Help will be appreciated.

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issue commentsharanya02/Text-file-to-handwritten-pdf-file

Too much execution time

This was a project that we left in between to open source. Haven't worked on it in a while. Gotta look it up now again. Thanks for pointing it out.


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issue openedsharanya02/Text-file-to-handwritten-pdf-file

Too much execution time

Please optimize your code. It's taking more than 10 mins for 2 pages of text. Is this feasible for an end product?

@mdhishaamakhtar please look into this.

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