rebaselabs/ember-cli-dimple 2

Dimple.js as an ember-cli addon

artsyca/currencycloud-ruby 0

Ruby implementation of API v2

artsyca/devise_ldap_authenticatable 0

Devise Module for LDAP

artsyca/ember-cli-document-title 0

Adding document title behaviour to your ember app

artsyca/ember-cli-mirage 0

A client-side mock server to develop, test and prototype your app

artsyca/jselection 0

A JS-based text selection widget for jQuery UI

artsyca/MidiWriterJS 0

♬ A JavaScript library which provides an API for programmatically generating and creating expressive multi-track MIDI files and JSON objects.

artsyca/x-stopwatch 0

Agile Heart Ember: Components and Interactions