Arseniy Banayev arseniybanayev New York, NY Hedge funds and real estate

arseniybanayev/chatapi 4

Python Chat API for Python applications that need instant messaging

arseniybanayev/aiotime 2

Take control of the asyncio event loop's internal clock, great for unit testing

arseniybanayev/autocelery 2

Use Celery as a distributed REPL without restarting workers

arseniybanayev/gunboat 1

Abstract 2-player card game inspired by Diplomacy, played with a deck of playing cards. Conceived by the Hassin brothers

arseniybanayev/SheetManager 1

Auto-classify sheet music PDFs and arrange songs into playlists

arseniybanayev/bootstrap-flask 0

Bootstrap 4 helper for Flask/Jinja2.

arseniybanayev/chat 0

Instant messaging server; backend in Go; iOS, Android, web, command line clients; chatbots

arseniybanayev/CSharpDim 0

C#dim is an intuitive C# kernel for Jupyter notebook ("diminished" C#)

arseniybanayev/distributed 0

Fork of dask/distributed that tracks child process resource usage (thx danpf)

arseniybanayev/docker-flow-letsencrypt 0

Companion service which adds Let’s Encrypt certificates to docker flow


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issue commentcdr/code-server

Add version number option to --install-extension

Thanks! Awesome


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issue openedcdr/code-server

Add version number option to --install-extension

Due to this issue, I would like to be able to declare in my "IDE" Dockerfile that the MS Python extension should be installed at version 2020.05.86806, instead of latest (which is default).

Could you add an option to code-server --install-extension to allow specifying the version? Otherwise, I have to manually select the desired version whenever my "IDE" container starts anew. Suggested syntax could be code-server --install-extension extension-name [--version 2020.05.86806].

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issue commentmicrosoft/vscode-python

command 'python.setInterpreter' not found

This is still an issue for me with the latest VSCode that is installed via and the latest python extension. As suggested, I am rolling back to extension version 5.x and it works.


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