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Aman Arora arora-aman Waterloo, ON Soft Engg '21 @ University of Waterloo. Previous intern at @thalmic @MADApparel @microsoft @meraki

fantastic-kit/fantastic-kit 12

a hackable all-in-one CLI toolkit to make your life easier. fk everything!

arora-aman/CustomDialogs 2

Customise your dialogs the new way

arora-aman/gpm2spotify 1

Port Google Play Music Library/Playlist to Spotify

arora-aman/Shop-with-Friends 1

An android application to help maintain shopping lists and to share them amongst friends.

arora-aman/vimrc 1

The ultimate Vim configuration: vimrc

sexxi-goose/SE390 1

SE390 Repo

arora-aman/AndroidX 0

Mobile Sore Management Software

arora-aman/compiler-team 0

A home for compiler team planning documents, meeting minutes, and other such things.


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started time in 2 days

release cashapp/quickjs-java


released time in 3 days


started time in 3 days

issue commentrust-lang/project-rfc-2229

Tie use of feature to the current edition

I'm going to assign this to @arora-aman -- feel free to reassign.


comment created time in 3 days

fork blipinsk/finicky

A macOS app for customizing which browser to start

fork in 3 days

release firebase/FirebaseUI-Android


released time in 3 days

fork rollends/rigs-of-rods

Main development repository for Rigs of Rods soft-body physics simulator

fork in 4 days


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issue commentrust-lang/project-rfc-2229

Tie use of feature to the current edition

Is there anything blocking this?


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created repository9at8/pi-display

created time in 11 days

fork nikomatsakis/octocrab

A modern, extensible GitHub API Client for Rust.

fork in 11 days

created repositoryrollends/XPlane10ControlExample

created time in 12 days

created repositorynikomatsakis/rust-metrics

Gathering some metrics about Rust projects

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fork shividhar/pytorch

Tensors and Dynamic neural networks in Python with strong GPU acceleration

fork in 22 days

fork nikomatsakis/rustfix

Automatically apply the suggestions made by rustc

fork in 24 days


fork exue026/diago

Testing Framework for Kubernetes

fork in a month