apezel/broccoli-clext 3

Broccoli - Command line application to build, watch (live rebuild) and set broccoli environment.

apezel/ember-cli-rollup 2

Say goobye to shims

apezel/brackets-ember-htmlbars 1

Htmlbars syntax highlighter for

apezel/brackets-easy-dark 0

My coding theme. Easy to read.

apezel/brackets-handlebars-templates 0

A syntax highlighting plugin for handlebars and htmlbars in brackets

apezel/built-with-ember 0

Ambitious web applications built using ember.js.

apezel/cdrs 0

Cassandra DB native client written in Rust language. Find 1.x versions on

apezel/d3-geo-projection 0

Extended geographic projections for d3-geo.

apezel/d3-v4-ts 0

d3 v4 single module ts definition